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Understanding the true nature of a Ticket

First, consider what you’re buying – a ticket provides admission to an event. A seat in a stadium or theater, maybe it includes parking at an arena, perhaps food and drinks are part of a package, or maybe it even includes a VIP meet and greet with a band, backstage access and a souvenir shirt.

The humble ticket is not just a piece of heavy cardstock, or a computer printout.

An event ticket is the key to an experience – it forms a powerful emotional connection between the holder of the ticket and the event. The holder of the ticket expects the events will be exciting, wonderful, overwhelming, or even a once-in-a-lifetime experience – and so they have a burning desire to get their hands on it at any cost.

You see, soon you will be investing in an experience that someone else is craving, and you hold the key to their happiness and joy. They will experience a thrill when they place their bids on your auctions, and once that ticket is in their hands they will eagerly be looking forward to the experience that it will bring to them.

Forget seat location and price – Emotion is what really drives sales

How to sell more tickets – appeal to emotion!

How to Sell Sports Tickets OnlineWhen you list your tickets for sale, you’ll need to give buyers information they expect to find, like section, row, and other basic information (price, shipping costs).

You have to understand that buyers are comparing your tickets to others in the marketplace, and if they are many to choose from, you need to make a compelling case if you’re going to demand a higher price for your tickets.

Three “Magic” Words you must now commit to your memory:

  “Don’t Miss Out”

These words can invoke the fear of loss, of being on the outside, and of missing out. It’s a powerful emotion, and for someone looking for tickets and going from listing to listing you may just put them over the edge by placing these words in your auction.

Of course, using variations on this theme, like “Don’t miss your only chance to see Bon Jovi in Ohio” or whatever the event is, will work better – just make sure you’re being accurate, if there is another event scheduled, you’ll only look like a fool claiming there are no other chances to see them performing.

Give prospective customers everything they need to see in an auction listing, and make sure you appeal to their emotions. If an artist has declared this to be their “farewell tour” – use that!

If a sports team is playing a serious rival and is at home, you might try to appeal to the ego of the fans “Watch the epic battle unfold LIVE on the field/ice/whatever”.

You don’t need to be an expert copyrighter to come up with this stuff, just write the way you would talk about the tickets and event if you ABSOLUTELY had to convince someone to buy them – the right words will come to you in no time.

And remember – Don’t Miss Out on these tickets, they will sell fast and when they are gone, they are gone for good.