Selling tickets on StubHub is a must for any ticket broker or fan looking to get rid of their extra tickets. This post will walk you through the listing process, step-by-step so you can successfully sell your tickets on StubHub.

Starting Out? Here’s a StubHub Seller Checklist

  • StubHub account (free registration). Signup for a StubHub account here. You can only sell tickets on StubHub if you live in the US, Canada, or the UK, or have a credit card and billing address there.
  • Printer, paper, black ink
  • Valid credit card (can’t be expired)
  • to a FedEx dropbox

How to Find FedEx Dropbox Locations

Go here to find a FedEx dropbox near you:

Note: FedEx envelopes are available for free at any FedEx Dropbox location.

How To List Your Tickets For Sale on StubHub

Once you’ve logged in…

Search for the event you’d like to sell tickets to and click the “Sell for this event” link.

Sell Tickets on StubHub

How To Sell Season Tickets On StubHub

When you want to list tickets for multiple events at once, the tickets have to be the same seats and venue, and be delivered the same way, either FedEx, Instant Download, or LMS.

Or if you want to list tickets for multiple events at once (season tickets), go to StubHub’s ‘Find Event’ page and search for your event by category.

Once you’ve narrowed down your search, you’ll be presented with a list of available events to sell tickets for.

StubHub Events To Sell Tickets For

Check off the boxes for the events you want to sell tickets for.

If you see this little icon (StubHub Last Minute Services (LMS)) beside an event, it means that you can only list your tickets as an Instant Download (Ticketfast or PDF tickets), or through Last Minute Services (LMS) and the tickets must be in your possession. If you’re listing for multiple events and one set of your tickets has to be delivered via Instant Download or LMS that means they all have to be delivered that way.

Do You Have the Tickets in Your Possession?

If you have the tickets in hand already, then select “Yes, I already have the tickets.”

If you just bought them off Ticketmaster and they haven’t arrived in the mail, or you haven’t picked them up yet, that’s ok, just choose the date you’ll have them by. Your tickets can still be listed for sale even though you don’t have them in hand, and the buyer can’t back out of the sale just because you don’t have the tickets in-hand either.

Obviously try and get the tickets in your possession as soon as possible though, or you may have a StubHub rep phoning and hounding you if you’re tickets are sold but you don’t have them in your possession yet.

The latest date you can ship your tickets is a week from the event. So if you can’t ship them by then, you better have Ticketfast or .pdf tickets so the buyer can download them instantly.

Are Tickets In Your Possession?

How Do You Want To Deliver These Tickets To Buyers?

If you’re shipping by FedEx, the buyer will pay between $11.95 to $24.95 for shipping.

If you have hard-copy tickets, you’ll be responsible for printing off the FedEx label, packaging the tickets, and going to the FedEx dropbox to deliver them.

If you have Ticketfast or .pdf tickets, the buyer pays $4.95 (don’t ask me why there’s a charge for electronic delivery). This is obviously the more cost effective way to go for both you and the buyer, but keep in mind; some people still prefer hard-copy tickets. You’ll get paid faster if you offer Instant Download, plus your listing will have a green “Instant Download” label beside it which will draw more attention to your tickets.

Also keep in mind that if you live in Canada, you can’t get Ticketfast tickets to an event in the US, unless you have a billing and shipping address there.

If you have PDF tickets, but you don’t want them to be an Instant Download, you can always choose the option to upload the tickets when they sell.

If you want to split up your Ticketfast or.pdf tickets, StubHub has a ticket splitter (which we’ll get to later), so you can sell your tickets separately if needed.

When you ship your tickets, don’t include anything like business cards or flyers. Anything unsolicited could get you into trouble with StubHub if the buyer reports it.

StubHub Ticket Delivery

Ticket Details

If you have assigned seats, then select specific seats. If your event is general admission, then you guessed it, select general admission.

Enter then quantity of tickets you’re selling, and tell StubHub whether you’d like to sell them as “splits”. This method is helpful if you have a block of tickets, but are willing to sell them in smaller quantities. For example, if you had 4 tickets, the buyer could select if they want to buy all 4, or just 2. If they buy 2, your remaining tickets will still be up for sale.
You can sell tickets in any quantity while still preventing being stuck with a single ticket.

Then enter the section and row for your seats. Available section numbers will pop-up automatically as soon as you start typing. This is really useful when you are just trying to be speedy and go through the process of listing tickets to get completed sales history.

Seat numbers are optional. Sometimes you may not want to reveal seat numbers if the tickets are for sale on another site, or the team/artist has strict ticket-reselling laws. Some teams and artists have been known before to cancel orders if fans are caught selling their tickets for more than resale. They have staff that will compare your ticket order from Ticketmaster, and then scour ticket resale sites like StubHub and Ebay. If your lucky seat numbers match, and you’re selling them for more than face value, consider your order cancelled. If a team or artist is that strict about their tickets being resold for more than face value, you will have a pretty good idea before you buy them, they will let you know, or it will be in the news. You can protect yourself by not posting the seat number.

If you want to list piggyback seats, they must be directly behind each other in no more than 2 rows. The same number of tickets also have to be in each row.

Unlike Ebay, you don’t have the chance with StubHub to market your tickets with a big pump-up speech and fancy template. So this is the big opportunity to promote your tickets – StubHub style. If your tickets fall into any of these categories, make sure to check them off so buyers can see!

Also make sure to check off any of the required disclosures. If you don’t, and your buyer ends up sitting behind some giant beam, they’re going to take it out on StubHub – who will take it out on you! So if you don’t want to risk losing money, disclose any restrictions or setbacks about your tickets.

StubHub Ticket Details


Required Disclosures

If your tickets contain any of the following conditions, you must select the corresponding check box.

  • ADA/Wheelchair accessible
  • Alcohol-free seating
  • Full Suite (not shared)
  • Limited or obstructed view
  • Limited view of Jumbotron/video screen
  • Partial Suite (shared) – Reserved seating
  • Piggyback seating
  • Possible obstruction (printed on ticket)
  • Wheelchair only



Ticket Features

  • Aisle
  • Parking Pass



Ticket Comments (Optional)


  • Actual 1st row of section
  • Actual 2nd row of section
  • Actual 3rd row of section
  • Actual 4th row of section
  • Actual 5th row of section
  • All-you-can-eat section (includes food and non-alcoholic beverages)
  • Club Level – Access to the climate-controlled Club Level concourse, wider seating with more leg room, lounges with flat-screen televisions, eight (8) full-scale bars, an expanded food and beverage menu and in-seat wait service.
  • Directly beside the visitor bullpen
  • Home Side
  • In-seat wait service
  • Includes unlimited food and drinks (beer and wine)
  • Includes unlimited food and drinks (beer, wine and liquor)
  • Includes unlimited food and soft drinks
  • Last row of section



  • Lot A parking
  • Lot B parking
  • Lot C parking
  • Lot D parking
  • Lot E parking
  • Lot F parking
  • Lot G parking
  • Lot H parking
  • Lot J parking
  • Lot K parking
  • Lot L parking
  • Lot M parking
  • Lot MM parking
  • Lot N parking
  • Lot NN parking
  • Lot O parking
  • Next to players’ entrance
  • Padded seats
  • South Warehouse Lot parking
  • Traditional hard tickets
  • Under overhang
  • Visitors sideline
  • Within 10 rows of field



Selling Tickets On StubHub (Pricing)

StubHub is painful when it comes to protecting their completed sales data. Everything is done in Adobe Flash which makes it near impossible to extract data from, as opposed to a table or spreadsheet data. I mean, I get it, their sales data is as good as gold, but could you imagine if you had to go through the same process every time you wanted to see what something sold for on Ebay? As a web developer and/or ticket broker, the completed sales data page is a nightmare. You can’t copy any sales data into a spreadsheet for further reference, and you have to click 20 different radio buttons, tabs, and scrollbars to see what you’re looking for. However, it is well worth the aggravation.

I’ve already gone over how important it is to check the sales data, but I’ll say it again – ALWAYS CHECK THE COMPLETED LISITNGS! StubHub is a better indicator, but you should be checking Ebay as well for completed listings. With Ebay if tickets don’t sell, it could have been because the seller cancelled the listing, the auction ended at a weird time, or there was a spelling mistake in the title and the auction got no hits. Whatever the case, sometimes Ebay completed listings could appear misleading at first glance. There are a lot less variables with StubHub, which makes it more reliable.

Sales Type

If you choose a fixed price for your tickets, your tickets will stay listed for the same price until you decide to change it.

StubHub Sales Type

If you choose a declining price, StubHub will gradually decrease the price of your tickets for you up until the event date. Because ticket prices generally start high at the initial onsale date and taper off gradually until the event date, setting a declining price helps keep your ticket prices competitive. However, this isn’t an opportunity to leave your tickets on autopilot. It’s always important to check the market and see for yourself if your tickets are priced competitively.
Enter your selling price per ticket and click the “See your payout” link for a handy dandy calculator that calculates StubHub’s commission. Also enter the last day you want your tickets available for sale. You can select up to 5 days before the event.

On the same page, StubHub will show completed listings in the same section your tickets are listed for sale. If there are no comparables, you can select a highlighted area on the seating chart to show a detailed list of completed sales for that section. If you just hover over a section, you can get an overview of the average ticket sold price and listing price. You can also select an entire zone (ie. upper sideline, lower midfield) to view detailed sales data.

Completed sales data includes the:

  • Section
  • Average sold ticket price
  • Average unsold ticket price

For each sold ticket:

  • Sold price
  • Row
  • Quantity of tickets sold
  • Date sold


For each unsold ticket:

  • Most recent unsold price
  • Row
  • Quantity of tickets for sale



You can click on the table headers (ie. Section, Price, Row, Qty, Date sold) to organize the data in ascending or descending order.

StubHub Completed Sales History

You’ll notice there’s also a tab called “Buyer Alerts”. Buyers can setup automatic alerts to notify them if tickets have been listed at a price they’re willing to spend. It’s helpful to take a glance at this section as well. Just because you list your tickets at a Buyer Alert price doesn’t automatically mean they’ll sell though. The buyer will be notified, but it’s up to them to follow through on the sale. Some buyers of course don’t have an intention of buying and are just setting up alerts to watch the market. Other buyers will set prices ridiculously cheap in high hopes that they’ll score a deal.

Upload Your Tickets If They Are In PDF Format

If your tickets are in PDF format then you can upload them at this stage. Here’s where you can use the PDF splitter if you need to split up your tickets (ie. if you have a PDF file with 4 tickets, but you only want to sell 2).

Upload Your Tickets To StubHub

Payment And Contact Info

Once the tickets arrive to your buyer, StubHub will start processing your payment within 2-5 business days. You’ll receive an email confirmation when this happens.

After your buyer receives the tickets, StubHub will send you your payment. Yay! Here’s where you can decide how you get paid.
By default StubHub will pay you by PayPal. Don’t worry, no additional fees are charged for receiving money, unlike Ebay or other deposits into your PayPal account.

If you think PayPal is evil, or you don’t have a PayPal account, StubHub can send a check to your address on file.

If you’re feeling extra generous, you can donate your payment to one of these registered charities:

Starlight Children’s Foundation – Providing entertainment, education and family activities for seriously ill children in the United States and their families.

Alliance for Climate Protection – Our mission is to persuade the American people and people elsewhere in the world of the importance and urgency of adopting and implementing effective and comprehensive solutions for the climate crisis.

American Red Cross – Disaster relief at home and abroad, CPR certification and first aid courses, blood donation, and emergency preparedness.

National MS Society – The National MS Society is a collective of passionate individuals who want to do something about MS now.

Tickets for Kids Charities – Tickets for Kids® Charities (TFK) is dedicated to enriching the lives of low-income and at-risk children and their families through inclusion in a variety of activities and events that are a source of both entertainment and inspiration.

Autism Speaks – Autism Speaks is the world’s largest autism advocacy organization that sponsors autism research and conducts awareness and outreach activities aimed at families, governments, and the public.

If you choose to donate, a tax deductible receipt will be mailed on behalf of your chosen charity.

Review And Submit Your Listing

Just one last step before you list your tickets for sale.

Review your information and make sure everything’s good to go or make any last minute edits if you need to.
If the event you’re selling tickets for has a Last Minute Services (LMS) center at the venue, you can choose to keep your tickets listed right up until the event, as opposed to 5 days before-hand like traditional listings. If you want to list with LMS, just check off the box “Email me with LMS info before my listing expires”.

If your tickets are still for sale right before the cutoff time (5 days before the event), LMS will send you an email with instructions on shipping your tickets to them. As soon as your tickets have been received, your listing will show up to buyers.
You must have the tickets in your possession to list with LMS so you can ship them immediately.

That’s it!

Hit the StubHub Sumit Button button and your tickets will be live, ready for buyers to see. Now all you need to do is wait for that sale to happen!