[message type=”info”]First, let’s clear something up right away – because it’s very important you understand what we’re selling, and what we’re NOT selling. The best way to make this point very clear is to make it very obvious… [/message]

Reading this eBook will not make you money

That statement will come as a shock to some people, but we want to be very clear about what The Ticket Broker Guide is, and what it is NOT.

This is not a scheme to make thousands of dollars each week stuffing envelopes, sending emails, or enrolling your friends in an overhyped pyramid scheme.

You can make money in business as a ticket broker buying and selling on sites like eBay and StubHub – our information & training has helped many people to buy and resell tickets online and make a health profit of between 50% and 300%, and in some cases much more.

You need to know a few things about what you will be doing in this business, before you can make an informed decision to get involved or to move on to something else.

Some important notes about this business and The Ticket Broker Guide will follow – you should read them carefully.

  • How you make money as a ticket broker
  • What are the risks involved
  • Earnings and profit expectations
  • How much risk is involved
  • What is guaranteed
  • A note about advertising and other sites
  • Our testimonials and feedback
  • How to get answers to questions


How you make money as a ticket broker

We’re providing training, information, guidance and research – You must:

  • Take action and research events carefully
  • Invest your own money in ticket inventory
  • List and Sell those tickets at a profit
These tasks may look simple – you must understand there are risks involved in any business, and this business carries some unique risks, many of which are explained in more detail in our free report.

What are the risks involved?

Buying and selling tickets involves some risks, including losses you could incur from tickets that you are unable to sell, tickets sold below their purchase price, and customers who try to rip you off.

With proper preparation and careful instruction, these risks can almost be eliminated completely – only you can control what you buy, at what price, and how much effort you make in selling your tickets, preparation and research are the biggest key to ensuring success.

Risk management and cash-flow management are topics that are covered in our book on how to become a ticket broker.

So there’s work involved? How much work? How much do I make?

You will spend time researching events, buying tickets, listing those tickets for sale, and fulfilling orders via StubHub and eBay. Your level of success and profit will depend entirely on how quickly you can do these tasks, and how well you learn your market.

The Ticket Broker guide will show you how you can do all of these tasks, and will provide you with a solid understanding of the business, however it is ultimately a business that you start and run, you are not being offered a job, and we cannot guarantee you will succeed, despite the best training on how to become a ticket broker, people still struggle to make things work (mostly when they skim over the contents of the guide and don’t prepare properly).

What some people can accomplish in an hour takes others a full day to complete – since we cannot know your level of commitment,  interest, previous experience or technical skill it is impossible for us to predict if you will earn $100 per day, $1 per day, $1000 per day, or nothing at all.

[message type=”info”]Some people make this a full time living, others only buy and sell one pair of tickets every few weeks – it is a personal choice, again – YOUR business, not mine.[/message]

Part-time efforts yield part-time rewards


How much risk is involved in being a ticket broker?

If you only have $100 to invest in inventory, it will take you longer to make a profit than if you are prepared to invest $200,  $500, or $5000. The larger your inventory, the quicker and larger your potential profits. Never buy tickets with money you cannot afford to lose, and never buy anything you don’t understand – if you’re confused by what the business really involves, read our free report to learn more about the common mistakes new ticket brokers make.

You CAN start with $100 worth of tickets and roll your profits into a larger inventory over time – this method is covered in the book and makes the risks smaller. You can also elect to max out your credit cards and buy LOTS of tickets in the hope of making money faster – this is a bit more reckless and while it can work very well, we suggest starting small at first.

It’s your business, not mine.

If you do nothing, you will earn nothing.


Sorry to make things that blunt, but some people get the idea in their heads that after reading about how to make money as a ticket broker that their computer will start printing dollars and their pockets will be stuffed with cash: not happening, get some real expectations.

So what IS guaranteed?

The information in our guide has been carefully researched and we stand behind it 100% – if you don’t feel that the The Ticket Broker Guide will help you to become a successful ticket broker we are happy to provide a full refund within 60 days of your purchase – just contact us and ask.

But I read on some other site that this is a sure-fire money maker… This isn’t what I saw advertised!

Really? We have affiliates and agencies that promote our guide, if a website somewhere else is making claims that are not true, WE WANT TO KNOW – please use the contact form to report this kind of behavior so that we can try to have any misrepresentations removed. Understand that it’s the internet – anyone can say anything at all, and people are entitled to their own freedom of expression and freedom to publish.

Are your testimonials real?

Yes. Every single one.

All of the feedback, testimonials and reviews of The Ticket Broker Guide are from real customers who have purchased The Ticket Broker Guide.

The customers who wrote those reviews were not paid or otherwise compensated to write them. We have been given permission to publish these reviews.

I’m still not sure about this – can I ask a question?

YES – Please do, we love questions, use the contact form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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