We’ve been getting questions about the Ticket Broker Guide Standard Edition and the Gold Bundle – most commonly, people ask what it will cost to upgrade later on and get the Research Reports that come bundled with the Gold Edition.

The answer is simple – It won’t cost too much extra to buy the guide on it’s own and get the market research bundle later on. To order the market research bundle, click here and then find the bright orange button.

The Guide itself sells for $27, and the Market Research Bundle sells for $59. So instead of paying $79 or both in the Gold Edition Bundle, you can order them separately for $27 + $59 = $86 (USD).


Q: Will I still get updates to the guide and research for life if I upgrade later?

No, you WILL get access to the next update of the guide, and the next edition of the research reports, but lifetime updates are strictly for people who buy the bundle – it’s taken a great deal of work to put all of this together and we have to stick to our guns on this, if you’re worried you might not need it, or use it.. we do refunds:



[message type=”info”]The North American Ticket Research Bundle is included as part of The Ticket Broker Guide GOLD Bundle – 3 reports, our the Ticket Broker Guide eBook, bonuses and more. If you’re looking at starting your own business as a ticket broker you should really consider investing in your own copy of [read_more text=”The Ticket Broker Guide – Gold Edition” title=”Read more about The Ticket Broker Guide GOLD Bundle” url=”/products/the-ticket-broker-guide-gold-bundle-edition”][/message]