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To celebrate our 5th anniversary, March 14, 2013 of teaching people how to become ticket brokers, we are giving away a free, fully customizable eBay template to help you sell your tickets on eBay.

Here’s A Look at The eBay Tickets Template!:

eBay Tickets Template

How To Download The eBay Tickets Template

If you’ve purchased The Ticket Broker Guide, just login to the members area and click on the file to download it. You will need to unzip it first. Once you’ve done that, open the “README-FIRST” and instructions.pdf files to learn how to customize your eBay Tickets Template for your business.

Editing The eBay Tickets Template

You will be able to add your company logo, slogan, and of course, all of your event details like ticket row, section, date, location, venue, seating chart, etc.

If you don’t know how to edit HTML, open the “beginners” folder. You’ll be able to fill in your event details, and then simply copy and paste the code into your eBay listing.

If you do know HTML and CSS, open the “pros” folder. You can take full control of this template and edit it however you like. The HTML file, CSS file, and accompanying images are included. Alternatively, you can also use the Microsoft Word file to edit your template, and copy and paste the code into your listing.

Ticketmaster Seating Chart and Event Image

Event images and seating charts are pulled directly from Ticketmaster. All you need is the image URL (which we’ll get to later).


Finally, for full instructions on how to edit the eBay template for your business, please open the “instructions.pdf” file.

Thank you, and good luck with your sales!

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