What is a PSL / Personal Seat License?

[message type="info" width="80%" align="center"]Our NFL Season Ticket Waiting List Report provides comprehensive information on NFL teams with PSLs.[/message] A personal seat license, or PSL, gives the holder the right to buy season tickets for a certain seat [...]

Ticketmaster Interview (Fred Rosen) Part 7

Outlets & E-commerce (continued) One of the big issues was, things are free. Well tickets aren't free; tickets aren't discounted; Ticketmaster doesn't own the plane. You know, what they own is the service.right? And so somebody came [...]

Ticketmaster Interview (Fred Rosen) Part 5

Dealing With The Heat (continued) To make it a closed system (a closed architectural system). Other ticket companies wanted to use our distribution system and I wouldn't let 'em. And because my thought was: you [...]

Ticketmaster Interview (Fred Rosen) Part 4

The Markup (continued) I'm trying to lower the price of the tickets - but Ticketmaster's not being reasonable. It's sort of disingenuous because Ticketmaster's cut is always the same. It's 15 - 20 percent of [...]

Ticketmaster Interview (Fred Rosen) Part 1

Ticketmaster Interview - All Your Questions Answered Hi, my name's Fredrick Rosen, and I created and built Ticketmaster, and today I'm running another company that's in a different business. Ticketmaster really started as an inventory [...]

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